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Tuesday 14th March
Lion (PG) 2.00pm
Manchester By The Sea (15) 5.00pm
T2 Trainspotting (18) 8.15pm

Wednesday 15th March
Lion (PG) 6.00pm
T2 Trainspotting (18) 8.30pm

Thursday 16th March
T2 Trainspotting (18) 6.00pm
Lion (PG) 8.30pm

Friday 17th March
Hidden Figures (PG) 6.00pm
Fifty Shades Darker (18) 8.45pm

Saturday 18th March
Ballerina (U) 3.45pm
Hidden Figures (PG) 6.00pm
Fifty Shades Darker (18) 8.45pm

Sunday 19th March
Bolshoi Live: A Contemporary Evening 3.00pm
Hidden Figures (PG) 6.15pm

Monday 20th March
The Founder (12A) 6.00pm
Hidden Figures (PG) 8.30pm

Tuesday 21st March
Hidden Figures (PG) 2.00pm
Exhibition: The Artist’s Garden (Cert TBC) 6.00pm
Hidden Figures (PG) 8.15pm

Wednesday 22nd March
Hidden Figures (PG) 6.00pm
The Founder (12A) 8.45pm

Thursday 23rd March
The Founder (12A) 6.00pm
Hidden Figures (PG) 8.30pm

Friday 24th March
Fences (12A) 5.45pm
Split (15pm) 8.45pm

Saturday 25th March
Sing (U) 3.30pm
Split (15) 6.00pm
The Great Wall (12A) 8.30pm

Sunday 26th March
Rebel Without A Cause (PG) 2.30pm
Hacksaw Ridge (15) 5.00pm
Fences (12A) 8.00pm

Monday 27th March
Jackie (15) 6.00pm
Fences (12A) 8.15pm

Tuesday 28th March
Fences (12A) 2.00pm
Fences (12A) 5.00pm
Hacksaw Ridge (15) 8.00pm

Wednesday 29th March
The Great Wall (12A) 6.00pm
Hacksaw Ridge (15) 8.30pm

Thursday 30th March
Jackie (15) 5.00pm
ROH Live: Madama Butterfly 7.15pm

Friday 31st March
Loving (12A) 6.00pm
La La Land (12A) 8.30pm

Saturday 1st April
The Lego Batman Movie (U) 12.30pm
The Lego Batman Movie (U) 3.00pm
Loving (12A) 5.30pm
La La Land (12A) 8.15pm

Sunday 2nd April
The Lego Batman Movie (U) 2.30pm
Sully (12A) 5.00pm
La La Land (12A) 7.15pm

Monday 3rd April
La La Land (12A) 6.00pm
Loving (12A) 8.30pm

Tuesday 4th April
Loving (12A) 2.00pm
Moonlight (15) 5.30pm
La La Land (12A) 8.00pm

Wednesday 5th April
The Lego Batman Movie (U) 6.00pm
Moonlight (15) 8.30pm

Thursday 6th April
Sully (12A) 4.45pm
NT Live: Twelfth Night 7.00pm

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Jackie 10th-5th February

Denial 17th-23rd February

Hacksaw Ridge 17th, 20th & 23rd

Lion Coming Soon...

Please note that we do not accept credit or debit cards, payment in cash only please. No payment is required to book seats. Members recieve £1.50 off ticket prices and may use their free tickets on Luxury Seats or Sofas For Two. Prices will vary for live satellite performances.
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Standard Seat - Adult £7.50
Standard Seat - Child, Student or Over 60 £6.00
Luxury Seat £9.00